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Responsible Investments and Principal Adverse Sustainability Impact

Integration of ESG risks in the investment decisions.

ESG risks are defined under the SFDR Regulation (Article 2) as an environmental, social or governance event or circumstance which, if it were to occur, would have a significant actual or potential negative impact on the value of the investment. In order for us to be aware of these risks in our funds, we include this aspect in our investment decisions.

Fondita avoids sectors that we believe are associated with high risk from an ESG perspective. There is a high risk of increased regulation, taxation and political opposition in these activities. Public opinion also tends to become more negative towards such activities. These factors make companies in the sectors operate in an uncertain and unfavourable environment. In addition, the activities can easily be considered questionable from an ethical perspective. The sectors in which we do not invest are tobacco, weapons, adult entertainment, fossil fuels (except for companies undergoing a transformation towards renewable energy), uranium, coal, genetic engineering, gambling, cannabis, and payday loans. Depending on the fund, alcohol, nuclear power and fossil fuels (regardless of any transformation towards renewables) are also excluded. The exclusion applies to companies that are directly active in these sectors (>5% of turnover) or that are suppliers to these sectors (>5% of turnover). We also avoid companies that have violated the UN Global Compact’s 10 principles.  

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