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We combine our investment philosophy with responsible management to offer funds that perform well now and over time.

Responsible Investments

The goal of our investment management is to generate the best possible return for our customers. We aim to do this responsibly and in accordance with the selected investment strategy.

Our principles for responsible investment are based on the belief that companies who act responsibly and work according to sustainable principles are better investment projects in the long term as the risks and opportunities related to the environment, society and governance (ESG factors) are more extensively explored. Therefore, it is essential to integrate ESG-related aspects when performing a company analysis.

We strive to always act responsibly and in accordance with sustainable development in our investment decisions and daily operations. Responsibility is grounded in our employees’ values. In our principles for responsible investment, sustainability risk assessments and in all our operations, we consider the most common international agreements and standards directing society and business.

We want to own shares in companies where sustainability and ESG factors are an integrated part of the company’s strategy and corporate culture. This means that the company acts responsibly towards its employees and treats everyone equally while monitoring, measuring and improving its own environmental footprint. The company’s sales come mainly from business operations that we believe are sustainable in the long term, and the end product or service is in line with the overall values of sustainable development.

We take our climate responsibility seriously and work to reduce our carbon footprint towards eventual carbon neutrality. At the end of 2021, Fondita signed the international Net Zero Asset Managers initiative, per which our equity funds will be carbon neutral by 2050. Our funds already have a carbon footprint far below that of the average in the market. It is partly due to our investment philosophy, which excludes fossil-fuel producers and avoids capital-intensive sectors, and instead favours companies with environmental and smart climate solutions. Other megatrends that play a major role in our funds are health and well-being, digitalization and technological development.

All Fondita funds, both small cap and theme funds, are actively managed funds based on bottom-up stock picking. The funds have a consistent investment philosophy and follow the same strategy for responsible investing. Our goal is to be a long-term owner of stocks in responsible, high-quality growth companies, and our driving forces are climate-smart solutions, health and well-being, and digitalization and technological development.

For Fondita, the responsible investment methods are:

  • Negative screening as in exclusion/norm-based screening
  • Positive screening as in enhanced thematic drivers
  • Integration of ESG factors in the investment analysis
  • Active ownership
  • Advocate for sustainable development and responsible investment

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