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Fund Share class / NAV of 01.06.2023 ISIN % change from previous day % change YTD Return since inception % p.a. * Registered for distribution in**
European Micro Cap A: 101.9766
B: 137.0634
0.67 %
0.67 %
-2.55 %
2.33 %
5.18 % FIN, SWE, NOR
European Small Cap A: 178.9148
B: 363.4309
0.80 %
0.80 %
-1.01 %
3.74 %
9.62 % FIN, SWE, NOR
Finland Micro Cap A: 56.1401
B: 211.9773
-0.06 %
-0.06 %
6.63 %
11.81 %
10.17 % FIN, SWE, NOR
Global Megatrends A: 29.1306
B: 103.1173
I: 105.8785
1.17 %
1.17 %
1.17 %
9.84 %
15.16 %
15.53 %
7.61 % FIN, SWE, NOR, GER, AUT
Healthcare A: 107.5244
B: 138.1596
I: 141.7980
0.65 %
0.65 %
0.65 %
1.49 %
6.47 %
6.83 %
6.72 % FIN, SWE, NOR, GER, AUT
Nordic Micro Cap A: 162.2309
B: 382.0352
I: 392.8128
0.50 %
0.50 %
0.50 %
-1.87 %
2.74 %
3.09 %
8.32 % FIN, SWE, NOR, GER
Nordic Small Cap A: 57.0390
B: 198.3907
I: 204.3452
0.68 %
0.68 %
0.68 %
0.69 %
5.66 %
6.06 %
10.06 % FIN, SWE, NOR, GER, AUT
Sustainable Europe A: 116.0759
B: 213.3451
I: 219.4101
0.92 %
0.92 %
0.92 %
-6.93 %
-2.31 %
-1.98 %
6.49 % FIN, SWE, NOR, GER, AUT

* The indicated return numbers in the column refer to the growth units (B)
** I-share class only available for EU/EEA investors excluding the Nordic countries

Our funds

European small caps

FONDITA European Micro Cap
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Equity fund for investing in small European listed enterprises with a market value under 800 million euros.

FONDITA European Small Cap
Read more

Equity fund for investing in small and medium-size European corporations with a market value under 4 billion euros.

Nordic small cap

FONDITA Finland Micro Cap
Read more

Equity fund for investing in small publicly traded Finnish companies with a market value under 800 million euros.

FONDITA Nordic Micro Cap
Read more

Equity fund for investing in small cap Nordic companies whose market value is less than 800 million euros.

FONDITA Nordic Small Cap
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Equity fund for investing in small and medium sized Nordic companies whose market value is less than 3 billion euros.

Thematic funds

FONDITA Global Megatrends
Read more

Thematic equity fund for investing in listed companies whose businesses benefit from increased requirements in environmental protection, changes in demographic trends and development in information technology.

FONDITA Healthcare
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Equity fund for investing in companies focusing on improving health and wellbeing.

FONDITA Sustainable Europe
Read more

Equity fund for investing in companies whose operations contribute to sustainable development.

Lastly, we want to emphasise that as responsible fund managers, all our funds comply with Fondita’s responsibility principles.

Our investment philosophy

Key aspects of our investment philosophy

Active long-term perspective – continuity

We have a shared investment philosophy for all of Fondita’s funds. It is based on concentrated portfolios with an active stock selection with long-term perspective and sustainability as deciding elements. Our investment philosophy has been the same since the start in 1997, and it has shown good results.

Companies with potential – quality

The companies our experienced fund managers select for our funds are primarily small and mid-size companies in the Nordics and Europe.

The requirements for our companies are many and we prefer businesses that, among other things, have strong market positions, established profitability, great future possibilities and carefully considered sustainability strategies.

Ongoing contact – closeness

With concentrated portfolios we are able to follow our investments closely. We hold regular meetings with the companies’ management boards and with competitors and customers. This way, we can guarantee a broad overview of the companies’ future possibilities on the market.

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